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It is a full-cycle performance marketing agency with an integrated affiliate network. Our specialization is CPA marketing. We work on every stage of the user acquisition and monetization process.

Affroyal is a leading affiliate network, with the highest paying offers of the entire industry. We strive for the best CR for our publishers and the best ROI for our advertisers

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Affroyal large choice of organized offers with full details and the highest payouts is beyond most networks' standards.

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Our mission is to help brands of various sizes to grow faster than ever before, thanks to our first-class marketing services.
  • Affordable Payout

    We are always looking and adjust the payouts to be over the rest of the industry.

  • Smart Redirection

    Never miss a conversion! Not eligible visitors are sent to the most profitable alternative, traffic management and optimization tool.

  • Dedicated Support 24/7

    Publisher support is always our number one priority.

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Trusted By Worldwide Partners Since 2020.

It is a full-cycle performance marketing agency with an integrated affiliate network. Our specialization is CPA marketing. We work on every stage of the user acquisition and monetization process.

  • Competitive Payouts

  • Unique Platform

  • Quick Payments

  • 24/7 Availability

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Frequently Asked Question

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We are an online marketing agency specializing in CPA campaigns. Having been on the market since 2020 and having won multiple awards, we are proud to say we are one of the recognized leaders in the industry and one of the most reliable networks in the affiliate space.

We operate in a variety of market niches and are always looking to expand into new ones. Our current main verticals include Jobs, Reward, Leadgen & Vouchers, Electronic Giveaways, Ecommerce & Retail, Software & Utilities, Mobile Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Crypto & Binary Options, Gaming & Social Casino, etc.

We allow all kinds of whitehat traffic, but whether it’s eligible for a specific campaign will depend on the respective advertiser’s promotion rules and restrictions. Main traffic types we are looking for include display (banners), native, search, social media, email. Pop/redirect traffic and incentivized promo are allowed on a selection of offers, but you need to carefully study our offers’ descriptions before launching traffic to make sure you comply with our promotion rules.

We reserve 72 working hours to review an incoming application, but our team always tries to provide feedback sooner than that. It might also help if you take initiative and follow up on your application to expedite the approval process.

We can send your payments via Wire Transfer, ACH, Payoneer, PayPal. After you fill out payment details in your Affroyal account, If you want to setup payment banking account details, contact with your account manager, he/she will help you.

Our default payment terms are Monthly NET15 and minimum amount that can be paid out must exceed US$50.00 in a given billing period. Affroyal also offers expedited payment plans to our trusted partners, such as Weekly NET5 or even more frequent ones in specific cases. Please contact your affiliate manager for more details on your eligibility for these terms.

Our managers will be glad to answer any of your questions. You can email us at or use a designated contact form at

You can restore your password by clicking the "forgot password" button on the login page ( and entering the email used for registration. If you don't remember the email address, simply contact your account manager or and we will be happy to help you out. You may also change your password under "Account details" in your Affroyal account.

Yes, you can add a global postback on your account or individual postbacks on selected campaigns and events. You can also use our testing functionality to make sure your postback is set up properly without having to make an actual transaction.
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